Relaxation guaranteed . This retreat ensures that you not only completely relax during this pampering day, but that you can also enjoy the relaxation long afterwards.

Do you know that feeling? The sun on your skin, the salty wind in your hair, the sound of waves in the background... Summertime!

But before that long-awaited holiday finally starts, you often have to work for another week or 2 to complete everything. And then you are so tired that you can only sleep for the first week of your holiday.

Shame, right?

With our unique 1 Day Retreat you can experience that relaxed summer atmosphere in one day!

No more stress, just pure peace and enjoyment.

Let yourself be carried away by the waves of relaxation and completely unwind.

  • Mindfulness

    Do you know the feeling that your thoughts are constantly somewhere else? Constantly at the next? And never really in the moment? Mindfulness is central during this day. It helps you regain control of your attention.

  • Movement

    Do you often feel stiff? Are you not feeling well in your body? During this day we will move in a way that feels good for YOU. You will feel comfortable in your body again and release the built-up stress.

  • Self-care

    Do you plan your free time? Or is the time left yours? This retreat ensures that you not only completely relax during this pampering day, but that you can also enjoy the relaxation long afterwards.

Feel like you've been on vacation for 3 weeks in 1 day!

  • Are the appointments with yourself the first to be cancelled?

    We often plan our time with appointments, work, sports or other activities.

    But what about you? When do you really plan a moment for yourself and by that we really mean a moment of self-care!

    When you REALLY take time for yourself , special things happen.

    Every aspect of this retreat is designed to promote connection: with yourself and with others.

  • Do you recognize yourself in this?

    You need Relaxation : you long for a day for YOU.

    You want to release stress : you are looking for a way to discharge

    You want to restore your focus : you want to be in control again.

    You want to regain energy : you have the need to recharge physically and mentally.

    Self-reflection and growth : Sometimes you have to slow down, stop for a moment and think about your goals, dreams and personal development.

    You look for the tools : you actually know what needs to be done, but you look for the right way to do it!

"What wonderful, sweet, professional and passionate people! So grateful to have attended the 1 day Zen retreat with you! The vibe, the tranquility, the fantastic musical support and the loving and appreciative approach are gold! I arrived completely zen and at the same time energetic. Absolutely recommended! I would love to come again. Love, Petra"

  • What can you expect during the day?

    ✨ Cocoa Experience

    ✨ Feel Good Flow with Live music

    ✨ Yin Yoga with Sound healing

    ✨ MYO Fascial release with massage balls

    ✨ Delicious vegan lunch from Het Puntje

    ✨ Free time to walk/swim/enjoy

    ✨ Workshop consciously enjoy

    ✨ Sharing experiences, insights and questions

  • What are you taking home?

    ✔️ A relaxed body
    ✔️ A relaxed mind
    ✔️ New insights & inspiration

    ✔️ Tools for home to integrate the learned information into your daily life

With more than 10 years of experience, we offer you the ultimate relaxation. Feel calm while it is storming, feel the peace while everyone is rushing and become aware of what you need. A deeper connection with yourself allows you to live better in the moment.


Beach tent Het Puntje

Het Puntje has been a well-known hiding place in the furthest corner of Scheveningen since the 1950s. Enjoy your feet in the sand and the waves as background music.

The lessons and workshops are given in a separate room where everything is available: mats, cushions, etc.

There are 12 places available for this Day Retreat.

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Where: Beach tent Het Puntje - Scheveningen

When: June 8th, 2024

What time: 10am - 5pm

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