Free your Life with Zen Caravan Coaching

Are you ready to make your dreams come true and bring your vision to life? At Zen Caravan we offer 1-on-1 coaching for people like you, with a big vision, both professionally and personally.

What does our coaching offer?

Our coaching is about Free Your Body, Free Your Mind & Free Your Life. If you walk with constant physical aches and restrictions, you will never feel comfortable in your body. If you are constantly lost in thoughts, constantly on to the next thing and you cannot really be IN the moment, then you will never be able to live optimally. What your body does, what your mind does, has an effect on your life. Free your body, your mind and you open the doors to a life on YOUR terms.

We give you the tools to move better, feel stronger, feel fitter, live more consciously and no longer walk around with constant stress. We also act as an honest sounding board and support you with holistic tools such as breathwork and visualization.

The exclusive Free Your Life Trajectory is designed to lead you from a life of eternal haste to a deep trust in yourself.

Who is our coaching for?

If you are constantly busy and need a sounding board to map out your clear vision, then our program is exactly what you need. We offer a personal program in which you create change from within, both at home and at work.

About Us: Joy & Eddie from Zen Caravan

As experienced coaches, we are committed to guiding people like you towards self-discovery and transformation. With our holistic approach we look at the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, because we believe this leads to sustainable change.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you are ready to strengthen the connection between your body, head, heart and intuition and to take responsibility for your vision, we invite you to request a Connecting Call via the link below.


✔️ Strengthen the connection between your body, head, heart and intuition.

✔️ Make a commitment to leave behind conscious and unconscious patterns.

✔️ Stand still and determine your next steps.

✔️ Better feeling in body and head

✔️ Choose from self-responsibility to make your vision come true.

Plan your Connecting Call now and reach your next level with Zen Caravan Coaching.