About us

Eddie & Joy from the Zen Caravan are on a mission together. They traveled the world as professional musicians, immersed themselves in yoga, meditation and body movement with more than 500 hours of study. They lacked real meaning in their lives. The feeling of 'is this it?' do you know that? The pleasure in life, the meaning, feeling good, not feeling rushed, being able to live in the moment and just be. When was the last time you had an appointment with yourself at your favorite coffee shop? Do you really make time for yourself or do you let your time fill up and see what's left?

While they managed to find each other in their busy lives, Joy & Eddie immediately knew that things had to be different. They started the Zen Caravan with a mission: put yourself first, live stress-free and live more in the moment. But how do you actually do that?

Eddie & Joy, with more than 10 years of experience, offer you the solution. Feel calm while it is storming, feel the peace while everyone is rushing and become aware of what you need. A deeper connection with yourself allows you to live better in the moment.

Do you do that by meditating for hours, doing yoga, floating from place to place? No, not. We do it differently and show you how you too can find meaning. With both feet on the ground, we let you experience how you can apply mindfulness in your own life. Without making extra time for it and without any vague hassle.

Are you ready for a fresh look, a body in which you move comfortably and a clear head?

About Joy

I am passionate about movement and music, my journey started as a dancer and singer in the theater world. While working as a dance teacher I discovered the world of yoga. It was love at first sight! At first I was attracted to yoga because of the physical workouts, but I soon realized its full potential. Yoga brought me inner peace and tranquility, and I started to feel happier.

Intrigued by the positive effects of yoga on both my body and mind, I longed to learn more about Yoga. In 2017 I completed my first yoga teacher training in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Meditation and Pranayama in India. Since then I have taught in various places around the world. But my learning journey never stops; in 2019 I completed my 300-hour teacher training in Advanced Vinyasa and Yin, again in India. I will always remain a student of self-development.

Yoga has helped me stay true to myself, and I want to share this valuable knowledge with others. It is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and love yourself. My goal is to inspire people and show that it is worth investing in yourself.

In my classes I invite you to move in a way that feels good for you. You can do everything at your own level and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body. Because I believe that music is healing, I always sing during the final relaxation and often bring music and movement together.

About Eddie

I graduated cum laude as a 'Bachelor of Music' from the Rotterdam Music University Codarts in 2018. My expertise lies in teaching and coaching, which I specialized in during my last 2 years of training. As a professional musician I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and experience different types of music. This journey has led me through various styles and areas of work, including musicals, theater shows, workshops, teaching/coaching, studio work, commercials and even writing my own book.

I have been dedicated to teaching drums and music for over 10 years. My private lessons are aimed at beginners to intermediate students, while I guide more advanced musicians as a coach. It is a fulfilling experience for me to share my knowledge and passion with others and to inspire them with what I love to do.

However, my interests and expertise are not limited to the music world. As a passionate practitioner of various sports, such as climbing, bouldering and martial arts, I am fascinated by activities where body and mind work together harmoniously. Timing, coordination and total control over the body are crucial in both music and movement. This discovery has inspired me to also become a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and mobility specialist.

My experience in various disciplines comes together in some unique classes in which music, movement and mindfulness merge in a beautiful way. My mission is to inspire and guide others on this special journey full of joy, creativity and self-discovery. Whether you are interested in music, movement, mindfulness or a combination of everything, I look forward to inspiring you and working together on your personal growth and well-being.