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Do you want your employees to perform optimally in the workplace? Mastering the optimal mindset? Want to be able to perform optimally on a physical and mental level?

With our master classes we ensure that every individual can develop at their own level. But we also ensure that connections are created among employees and that a team can perform optimally. We make them resilient to stress and difficult situations and teach them how to be better in the moment. Just like top athletes, you want your employees to feel good, there is a good atmosphere and they feel physically and mentally fit.

Is there friction in the workplace, do you notice that employees are on their own island and there is no real connection with each other? Are you looking for more connection among your employees?

Then the Zen Caravan's Flow Facilitator is exactly what your team needs!

With the Flow Facilitator you can choose from:

1x Masterclass 120 minutes

2x Masterclass 120 minutes (1x every 6 months)

4x Masterclass 120 minutes (1x per quarter)

We are working on the following with the Flow Facilitator


Mindfulness —> Create a stress-free employment environment and optimize the mindset of your employees

Movement —> Ensuring that your employees move well throughout the day

Create flow —> create flow for yourself, in the workplace, among each other and with each other

Connection —> To facilitate a flow you MUST get along, together we make the connection to create an optimal flow.

If you book a single masterclass you get all 4 parts in 1x, if you book 2, we spend more time per part, if you choose 4x, you optimize for life and we spend 4x 120 minutes per part!

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