To meditate you do not have to sit like a monk on a cushion in a quiet room for hours . No, you can simply apply it in your daily life!

You are in meditation class and follow all the teacher's instructions, but what are you actually doing? And why is it so 'difficult' to stay in the moment? I'm hungry, tomorrow I really have to exercise. Oh shit, I've digressed again...

Yes, that was an example of what is probably going through your mind when you try to meditate. You understand that it is good for you, you also occasionally take a meditation class or something similar, and perhaps you also feel the good effects. But what is it actually like?

With the ' You can learn to meditate ' course you will not immediately meditate deeply, you will understand how it works. So that wherever you are, whenever you want, you can consciously choose to be in the moment. Because that's what we all want, right?

We all know that meditation is good for you and you may already have a regular practice or follow online meditations. But what if you understand how you can apply 'meditation' and 'mindfulness' as a framework to your daily life?

With this course you will understand what meditation is , you will understand how to live in the moment and you will understand how you can make the choice to be present. No frustrating meditations with wandering thoughts, no "huh, what did you say?" more and no more vague meditations.

You can learn to meditate. It's very simple. And I'm going to teach you.

How: enjoy online at your own time

How long: 30 days

When: Starts on January 15

Pilot price €10 until January 15

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