The Awareness Express

Over the past years, I've explored how you can meditate without actually meditating. Follow me?

Experiencing something consciously, truly living it, being aware, being (t)here . That's what meditation actually is. Still, most of the time, we go through life not being there. How unfortunate is it to miss the beautiful moments of life?

With the Awareness Express program we are not 'clearing out' or 'emptying' the mind, no. We are noticing, noticing life, returning to the moment and experiencing it .

We are not resisting the attention economy, we are not fending off distraction, we are simply making the best of our attention and opening up to the world around us.

The goal here is to let you experience that we don't have to sit for hours like a monk to reap the benefits of meditation. The benefits arise as soon as you live more consciously, do things more consciously, and precisely do the things that you always take for granted on autopilot now with your full attention.

Do I have your attention?

Hop on the Awareness Express and find out how you can live more consciously enjoying the ride of life.

The Awareness Express

The Awareness Express

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