Hand pan workshop

Discover the Magic of Handpan! 🌈 🎵

Would you like to experience the enchanting sounds of the handpan and learn to play it yourself? Then step into the world of rhythm, intuitive play, and relaxation during my handpan workshop!

🪃 What makes the handpan so special?
The handpan is not just an instrument; it embraces your entire being with its magical sounds. Here you discover rhythm, recognize sounds, and play intuitively. The great thing is: you can't do anything wrong! Anyone can learn this art.

🌟 What you will learn:
Let the handpan resonate through your body as you discover the basics of rhythm, various techniques, playing together, and creating your own music. This workshop, guided by me, Eddie, with over 20 years of experience as a drummer and musician, opens the door to new energies and reveals the endless possibilities of the handpan.

🎶 The Workshop Experience:
With groups of 4-6 people we create an intimate setting to deepen the connection with the handpan. In just 60 minutes you will learn the essential elements and develop skills to weave your own melodies.

🌈 For Beginners and Experts:
Whether you are a total beginner or already have experience, my workshop is right for you! For specific wishes, we also offer private or duo lessons on request.

🥁 About Eddie:
With a Cum Laude diploma in drums and 20 years of experience as a musician, I would like to share my passion for the handpan with you. Whether you want to relax, broaden your musical horizons, or just have fun - Eddie is the place for you!

🎉 Discover the Handpan Magic - Book Now! 🪃✨

Workshops are held in The Hague

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Handpan Workshop - April 20

Handpan Workshop - April 20

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