Zo haal jij het meeste uit je vrije dag

This way you get the most out of your day off

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Have you already received our new Online Day Retreat?

Relax and recharge in 1 day as if you had been on holiday for 3 weeks? We take care of that with our new online day retreat!

We were often asked how best to relax on a day off. Or how you can relax, recharge and let go in a short time. 

Of course, we would prefer to be recharged for a day off in no time. However, it is often the case that a weekend is full of appointments, activities, wanting to see friends or 'relax' at the cinema to watch your new favorite film in a crowded cinema with noisemakers; Was that really such a relaxing weekend?

Then you arrive at work exhausted on Monday with the feeling that you immediately need the weekend again! "I haven't done much, have I?" you think... How can you relax better in 1 day?

With our new Online Day Retreat you bring Joy & Eddie with their lessons, music and relaxation into your home! If you're not familiar with Joy & Ed's classes yet, you're in for a treat!

  • Mindfulness Meditation with Eddie
  • Flow Yoga with Joy, moving in a way that feels good for YOU!
  • Mindful walk with Eddie
  • Yin Yoga with Joy and healing sounds from Eddie
  • Sound Meditation with Eddie and the handpan
  • Journaling throughout the day

After this day you will feel as if you have been on holiday for 3 weeks and you can get back to it! Instead of longing for the weekend and arriving at work on Monday exhausted, YOU come to work with a smile and everyone wonders what you did!

That's your secret recipe!! Do our online retreat every few weeks on a day that suits YOU, in a place where YOU want. You always have access to the online portal and can do it as often as you want. 

And until October 31st you will receive a significant launch discount!!

Isn't that fantastic?!

With code 'LAUNCH50' you get access to the balance and peace you need. 

Click here to redeem it and enjoy your well-deserved DAY RETREAT with the Zen Caravan!

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