Community Retreat

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members

Escape the ordinary and join us at Zen Caravan's Community Retreat.

A haven for healers, yoga, breathwork, movement teachers or whatever the skill you want to share. Seeking a space to connect, share, and be inspired. In a world where you're accustomed to guiding, imagine a week where you're the seeker, sharing one workshop and receiving inspiration the rest of the week.

This retreat is a sanctuary, not just for finding new connections, but for reigniting your belief in your unique journey. In the company of like-minded souls, learn, grow, and evolve your practice beyond the confines of routine. Our philosophy extends beyond the mat, weaving together movement, meditation, and music. Picture the rhythm of nature, creating a space where you're free to explore, express, and receive.

The struggles of comparison, the weight of constant guidance, leave them behind.

In the Zen Caravan Community Retreat, nature becomes your guide, and your fellow seekers become a wellspring of inspiration. It's not just a retreat; it's a collective journey of growth, inspiration, and creating a life aligned with your deepest desires. Your transformative week awaits. let the beautiful place of camping De Lievelinge and the expertise of Zen Caravan guide you toward an experience that transcends the ordinary.


    Immerse yourself in a retreat designed for healers, breathworkers, and teachers seeking a unique and transformative experience. Break away from the ordinary and be a part of a journey where your individuality is celebrated.


    Joining the Zen Caravan Community Retreat means becoming part of a community that understands your struggles, shares your desires, and collectively journeys toward growth and inspiration. Forge connections that extend beyond the retreat, creating a network of support in your ongoing wellness and teaching endeavors.


    Rediscover the belief in your teaching journey. The retreat format allows you to share your insights in one workshop and spend the rest of the week receiving inspiration. It's a chance to reignite your passion and gain a fresh perspective on the impact of your practice.

Benefit from the expertise of Joy and Eddie, the dynamic duo behind Zen Caravan. Their extensive knowledge in yoga, movement, meditation, and music creates an enriching environment where you'll not only learn but also be inspired by their passion for holistic well-being.

  • When a group of like-minded people comes together, beautiful things happen. Every element in this retreat is designed to foster a profound connection: with yourself, with others, with your body, and with your mind.

    We work, we play, we rest, and we eat. We take steps in life surrounded by great people, good vibes, and nature.

    Does this sound like something for you?

  • Is this you?

    • You are ready to be inspired by other creatives
    • You want to create a deeper connection with yourself
    • You love to share your knowledge with others
    • You want to be nourished by delicious foods

Escape the Comparison Trap

Leave behind the struggle of constant comparison. Our retreat is a haven where your practice is appreciated for its unique essence. Connect with a community that values diversity and supports you in a space free from judgment.

About us

We started the Zen Caravan with a mission: Create a community of like minded individuals, live stress-free, and be more present in the moment.

But how do you actually do that? With over 10 years of experience, we offer you the solution. Feel calm amidst the storm, experience tranquility while everyone rushes, become aware of what you need, and learn to move in a way that feels good for YOU. Through a deeper connection with yourself, you can better live in the moment.

This retreat integrates everything we have learned so far on our journey. With us, you can be yourself, express yourself, and together we explore how to achieve a deeper connection with ourselves and others. It's cozy, it's warm, we laugh, we enjoy, and we deepen.

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Where we meet

Camping de Lievelinge

At the foot of the river De Linge, a beautiful camping resides, hidden in plain sight. A little lake to take a morning swim, a shala where we practice,  a kitchen where we create healthy food, 2 tipi’s and enough space to park your own van/caravan/tent. We stay on our own little camp where we spend our days creating magic.

Looking to take a little walk around the area? Walk into the forrest, walk along the beautiful camping grounds and enjoy a good sunset at the small lake. It is literally a magical place!

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Hoe werkt het?

everyone joining becomes both a host and a participant.

As a host, you'll have the opportunity to lead a class, workshop, or share an experience that you're passionate about and believe would benefit our community. It could be anything from a yoga session, a mindfulness workshop, a movement and mobility class, or even a musical meditation – the possibilities are as diverse as our community.

The beauty of our retreat lies in the exchange of knowledge, skills, and positive energy. By giving your unique gift to the group, you not only contribute to the collective well-being but also create a space for others to learn and grow.

In return, you become a participant in the experiences offered by fellow community members. This reciprocal sharing forms the foundation of our retreat, fostering a supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to give and receive.

Join us in co-creating a retreat that is truly one-of-a-kind, where the richness of our diverse talents comes together to form a tapestry of well-being, connection, and personal growth. In our community, you give, and you receive – it's a journey we embark on together.

Join the Community Retreat

June 10th - 14th

You either sleep in your own tent, camper, caravan or in one of the two tipi’s on our camp. Please let us know in advance, we only have 2 spaces per tipi. We will have our own camp so there is enough space to settle down!

This Retreat Includes:

Accommodation for 5 days & 4 nights, all meals, coffee, tea. · Yoga classes and workshops from other participants and you provide 1 of them yourself ·

The retreat at de Lievelinge is an exclusive experience with space for only 12 participants.


€299 + you take it upon you to make 1 meal (breakfast, lunch, diner)

(Extra accommodation in Tipi €100)

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