Strength & Mobility

  • Flexible

    Get more flexibility and move freely as you want!

  • Strong joints

    Fix your weak links. Get strong in every part of your body.

  • Climb harder

    If you are flexible AND strong, you haver the golden ticket to move better, feel stronger and climb harder.

Do you feel you are not flexible enough? Do you feel you miss the strength in certain positions? Do feel your body has some weak links and don't know how to fix them?

You already go to the gym and you just do some stuff that is probably good for you. But you keep getting little aches and pains in your body. But how? I do my work outs right?!


If you want to improve all of your weak links, than training smarter is key. You have to know where you ARE strong and where you ARE weak. With strength & mobility training gets easier, faster and way more fun. You will feel a difference in a matter of time and will develop a better understanding of how YOUR body actually functions.

Strength & Mobility training helps you develop your weak links, get more flexible AND be stronger in these new positions. Getting stronger, move better and feeling so that your body can handle stress better in extreme positions is something we all want! But where do we start?

You have to figure out a way to train these extreme positions, build up strength, build flexibility and than apply this in training. You have to become more consistent with this style of training, and know how to train it.

When you dive into the world of strength & mobility you soon realize that there is ways to improve your mobility instantly. But to get the long term benefits and use these new abilites you have to train consistently! It can be done in as much as 3 session of 30min a week. That's all you need to really strengthen your weak links.

You can either start by joining a live Strength & Mobility workshop(4 week program included) or dive into the Strength & Mobility 101 Online course. Both will give you a great insight and steady program to fix you weak links. In 4 to 12 weeks of consistent training you can make a huge difference in your body.