Free Your Body - True Connection

I don't care what my practice looks like, neither should you.

Let's fix how you compare your practice to others and the 'how it should look…'

From force to flow, building a fun practice that supports your body and brings real long-lastig results

With my 'Free Your Body' course I will help you from force to flow after just 1 session. You will change the way you move and feel overnight and improve your long term practice.

Your body moves in its own unique way. Still we believe that what the teacher does, is what we are supposed to do as well.

But what if you feel stuck exploring movements and still force yourself into positions? Big chance you keep getting distracted with thoughts.

Let's discover how we move in a way that feels good to YOU, that helps you to bend your mind and body to it’s best possible form and performance

With my Free Your Body Course, you will create a signature practice that keeps evolving as you are

Own your practice instead of letting the practice own you

The Free Your Body Course gives you:

  • Happiness in your whole body by focusing on the sweet sensations. (with NO pain)
  • Finding your own way, without judgment and full of love. (without comparing to others)
  • The tools to master the breath so you can melt it together with movement and create magic
  • Learn to be fully present and aware of every moment so the practice is one to always enJOY (even if you’re tired)
  • Confidence in your body so every movement feels and therefore looks sexy
  • Getting to know your body so well that you never have to injure yourself again.
  • Creating freedom in movement. (Not stuck by what the teacher says)
  • No matter how you feel, period or tired, always able to create your own flow.