Camping de recreatie

Camping recreation

Today we will discuss a campsite that only opened its doors in April 2021! Camping de ReCreatie was set up by Jan and Maartje, two fantastically sweet people who welcomed us with open arms. She started their adventure in December 2020 with the keys to the site. Under the guise of camping and recreation, they opened their doors in April. You could say a flying start, because the campsite is already full this summer! That is of course not surprising for a first season! Not crazy Not crazy I always say!

A creative nature campsite and flowering place that can continue to grow. A place to play and have fun.

There are a number of important pillars in the ReCreation and 1 of them is to create your own dynamic village to make the world a little more beautiful. It is a place for everyone, with or without children. A place to relax, a place to create, a place to be together, a place to play and a place to meet! Jan and Maartje think the group feeling is important and that splashes off! For example, upon arrival you will be met by Jet or Maran. Two super cheerful and hospitable ladies who immediately put a smile on your face when you arrive at the reception. You instantly feel like you made friends and came home.

The village therefore contains a village hall. A house where you can get wood blocks, buy a drink, play a game, find a book, sign up for an activity or just relax in an old armchair. In front of the village house is a small terrace where you can sit comfortably, a fireplace and the village square. The village square is a large open space, a breeding ground, chill-out area with hammocks, a large fire pit, bocce, slackline and a view of the campsite.

We are guests of nature, not the other way around.

The campsite is located in the middle of a piece of heath, surrounded by tall beautiful trees. Another important pillar is therefore taking care of nature. We are guests of nature and not the other way around. They strive for sustainable and creative solutions. Nature is important, and you can see that at the campsite. Nature is respected and you really have the feeling that you are camping in the middle of the forest. That's also true...

We felt more than welcome at this beautiful little campsite. Whether you come to relax, want to build a seasonal pitch, come for a week or a night with your bike, it's all possible. And then there is the possibility to follow a yoga sales of the ZEN Caravan, an afternoon with theater, learn how to cook on a fire and so much more. The ReCreation invites people to create things, to do things and thus strengthen the group feeling.

Oh, did I mention that the area is also great? Yes, it's really great... We went for an afternoon walk and you literally walk straight into nature from the campsite. Beautiful heathland, forest, sand, and wildlife! You won't believe it, but while we were looking out over the heath, a small deer jumped out of the bushes at our feet. He wondered if we would give him priority, because yes, traffic from the right has priority!

Creating our own dynamic 'village' to share, experiment and make the world a little more beautiful.

Jan and Maartje have something beautiful in their hands and are on their way to make it even more beautiful. This is a campsite that we would recommend to anyone. Anyone who just wants a relaxing holiday, is not in a hurry and is open to being part of this wonderful concept!

Book your spot and experience for yourself what it's like to be at the R eCreatie !

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