Camping de Lievelinge

Camping de Lievelinge at number 1

If you haven't been there, you've probably heard the name. With the name probably also many stories from various people. About the fun, the craziness, the beauty, the authenticity and what else am I missing?! All kinds of things... Because I can tell you: de Lievelinge cannot be described in words . De Lievelinge is unique, unique in its people, unique in its experience and unique in its place. I would almost say it has become our 'favorite place'...

So this year we start our adventure with a retreat at the Lievelinge ( 2 even ...). A community special, where we come together with likeminded people to share knowledge with each other and a retreat for everyone. A retreat that sold out in 3 days! (thanks dear people). Because we were able to experience so much beauty here last year and made many people happy, De Lievelinge asked us if we even wanted to come a few days earlier. With the question whether we would like to provide lessons for the people at the campsite for a few days. Guess what we answered? YES of course! If we can spend a few extra days in our Kipje and give lessons, we won't say no to that.

So on Thursday we left for the Lievelinge. And yes it is OK for us for the first time again? So of course we forgot a few things (read Eddie...)! Because on the way we realized that we had forgotten one of the most important parts: the handpan! God , then you can go back while you drag a pink / turquoise chicken behind you. A round of the store Joy always shouts very loudly. That's about it, actually not very bad because you can tell from the people on the road that they look confused at the passing circus. Joy hanging out of the window with our new flyers and a pink/turquoise caravan with a meditating chicken on it. That will draw attention!

Joy hanging out of the window with the new flyers and a pink/turquoise caravan with a meditating CHICKEN on it... That will draw attention!

I'm not going to make it too long... So I just wanted to say that we've arrived at our ' Favorite Place ', that it's fantastic to teach in 1 of the 3 Spiegeltents in Europe (which is located on the Lievelinge) , that the weather is nice and that we take a dip in the Lievelinge lake every day.

If you haven't been to the Lievelinge yet, find the campsite, feast your eyes and book your holiday!!


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