We zijn weer onderweg

We're on our way again

It's that time again, we're on our way again with our hip Kip . This year we will again settle on the nicest places in the Netherlands (according to us...). We are therefore happy to share our adventures and experiences of the campsites. This year it will all be a little different because everything is open again of course!!

Yes, last year was special, we all had nothing to do and it was an easy choice to choose the ZEN CARAVAN. Why would you choose the ZEN CARAVAN again this year....?

Well!!! There are so many reasons to join us on a retreat, attend our workshops or visit our classes. First of all, almost all retreats take place outside. In nature, fresh air, green, blue and simply back to basics. No super comfortable sofa, no 10-meter screen and no safely closed dollhouse. No, you can easily slide a tent, caravan or van onto the field, between the trees, birds and pure nature. If that's not reason enough, here's a few more: we exercise every day , we use live music during our classes, we make delicious food, we meditate every day, we walk, we rest, we share with each other and we enjoy together. Those are a few good reasons to choose the ZEN CARAVAN again this year, right?

Birds, pure nature or being outside all weekend!

With the ZEN CARAVAN we take you back to basics for a weekend. We are together in the moment, not tomorrow and certainly not yesterday. But at today. We move our body in a way that feels good to you, we meditate in relaxation and to be in the moment. No floaty long spiritual journeys, no we are going to relax for a weekend. That's what the ZEN CARAVAN is. Are you looking for depth, spirituality? It is CERTAINLY there, but only those who seek it will find it.
Curious where else we will visit this season? Follow this blog, follow our instagram and keep an eye on the website! See you soon!

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