Relaxation guaranteed. This retreat ensures that you not only unwind completely during this pampering day but also continue to enjoy the relaxation long afterward

  • Mindfulness

    o you know the feeling of constantly being elsewhere in your thoughts? Always onto the next thing? And never really in the moment? Mindfulness takes center stage during this day. It helps you regain control over your attention.

  • Movement

    Do you often feel stiff? Do you accumulate a lot of stress? During this day, we'll move in a way that feels good for YOU. You'll feel comfortable in your body again and release the built-up stress.

  • Selfcare

    Do you schedule your free time? Or do you just see what's left? This retreat ensures that not only will you completely relax during this pampering day, but you can also continue to enjoy the relaxation long after.

Feel like you've been on vacation for 3 weeks in just 1 day

  • How often do you schedule an appointment with yourself,

    for yourself? Often, we plan our time with appointments, work, exercise, or other activities. But what about you? When do you really schedule a moment for yourself, and by that, we mean a true moment of self-care!

    When you truly take time for yourself, special things happen. Every aspect of this retreat is designed to promote connection: with yourself and with others. We will move, relax, listen, write. Join us!

  • Do you recognize yourself in this?

    You need Relaxation: longing for a moment of peace amidst busyness.

    You want to release stress: seeking a way to unload.

    You aim to Restore your focus: desiring to concentrate on what truly matters.

    You want to regain energy: the need to recharge physically and mentally.

    Self-reflection and growth: a moment of contemplation about goals, dreams, and personal development.

    Personal development: working on personal goals and skills.

"What a wonderful day retreat! I enjoyed every moment. My body feels loose and relaxed, it was easy to follow (even with my limited yoga experience). Thank you so much Joy and Eddie! I'll definitely do it again soon"

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Feel good Yoga

  • Mindful Walk

  • Yin Yoga

  • Soundhealing

  • Sound meditation

With over 10 years of experience, we offer you the ultimate relaxation. Feel calm amidst the storm, experience tranquility while everyone rushes, and become aware of what you need. Through a deeper connection with yourself, you can live more in the present moment.

How does is work

1. Choose a date where you prioritize yourself.

2. Block this date in your agenda and schedule NOTHING else.

3. On the designated day, follow the 'Home Retreat' guided by Eddie & Joy.
Create a cozy spot at home for your retreat and enjoy!

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Take a moment for yourself, because you deserve it!

With a busy job, taking care of children, and keeping up with your social life, it can be difficult to slow down and take time for yourself. Do you long for relaxation and want to fully immerse yourself in self-care? Do you want the space to be fully prepared for your work, family, and friends? Together, we focus on what you need, and we ensure a day not to be forgotten.

The Home Retreat provides the perfect opportunity to catch your breath and shift the focus back to yourself. Because you are important too, and when you take good care of yourself, everything becomes easier. We provide you with the space and tools to fully relax. Enjoy this special moment for yourself to the fullest.

When: whenever you want
Where: wherever you want

Needed: phone, tablet, or computer + wifi (Download possible!)


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