Yin Yoga & Myofascial release Teacher training (50 hours)

In this comprehensive 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will learn the transformative effects of Yin Yoga, supported by the latest scientific research. This training goes beyond the basics - Throughout the training, you will gain practical insights into myofascial release techniques, and you'll explore advanced breathing techniques designed to enhance the overall Yin Yoga experience. After completion of the training you’ll be ready to start teaching effective and complete Yin Yoga classes.

Who is this for

  • Yoga, fitness and pilates teachers who wish to become more allround and deepen their skills as a teacher
  • Committed students who want to really understand and dive deep into the Yin Yoga practice

What you’ll learn

  • The principles and origins of Yin Yoga, including Western studies about fascia as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian theory
  • Fundamental anatomy principles to enhance mobility, flexibility, and ensure teaching safe classes 
  • Yin Yoga exercises and sequencing
  • Variations for different levels and modifications for common injuries
  • Breathing techniques
  • Myofascial Release techniques
  • Building and teaching Yin Yoga classes with confidence, using precise cues

What's included

  • 5 live training days in the studio
  • 5 online Q&A calls via Zoom
  • Video classes for observation and self-practice
  • Video tutorials for study and reference
  • A set of myofascial release massage balls
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Mentoring from Joy and Eddie during the training
  • A Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate


To make the most of this training, we recommend a minimum of six months of Yin Yoga experience prior to joining this teacher training, and an active participation in the training. 

The training is organized into 5 weeks, each of which includes:

  • A training day (see dates below)
  • A Q&A call via Zoom (1 hour per week)
  • Reading + assignments (approximately 2 hours per week)
  • Home practice (approximately 2 hours per week)

After the training, you'll have the opportunity to teach a class to your fellow students (the "Exam"). The training is completed by successfully participating in the full training and the Exam.

Suggested reading

  • Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers (Third Edition)
  • The Roll Model by Jill Miller
  • Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers


  • Saturday Oct 5 - 14.00 - 19.30 hrs
  • Saturday Oct 12 - 14.00 - 19.30 hrs
  • Saturday Oct 19 - 14.00 - 19.30 hrs
  • Saturday Oct 26 - 14.00 - 19.30 hrs
  • Saturday Nov 2 - 14.00 - 19.30 hrs (exam day)


Price: EUR 895 ex VAT.
Early bird (register prior to May 31): EUR 750 ex VAT.

Payment in 2 instalments is possible, e-mail hello@studio-bondi.com.

About your teachers

Eddie and Joy from the Zen Caravan are both highly trained and skilled teachers when it comes to the body & mind. They travel the world teaching yoga, myofascial release, mindfulness & movement in their unique way. They combine they’re love and experience in magical classes. This year they bring their teachings to you in the form of an intensive 50h teaching training.

About Joy

Joy is a yoga teacher, a dancer, a singer and teaches you to find flow. With more than 700 hours of official yoga teacher trainings, studying dance and performing arts her teachings are unique. She helps you understand how your body moves instead of how THE body should move. Finding flow is an exceptional skill and Joy helps you find it. Everyone is unique, so as a teacher you need to know how to help all these unique individuals.

About Eddie

Eddie is a movement & mobility specialist, meditation & mindfulness coach. He studied with Kelly Starret, the founder of The Ready State introducing the rolling techniques and mobility techniques we know today. Over the last years he has guided many clients, classes, workshops & retreats to help people move better, feel better and find flow back into their lives. His knowledge about the body & the mind is exceptional and will give you the insights you need to enhance your own teaching.