Yoga & Live music Retreat

May 13 - 18, 2024

✨ Now including 3 months of free 1-1 coaching ✨

Free Your Life

This is the Retreat to release physical and mental blockages so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Learn more about our unique Free Your Body, Free Your Mind, Free Your Life method and get ready for a transformation!

You like to get things done and you have a vision of what your life should look like. To achieve this, you have to work hard and you are therefore always busy with the next thing!

What if you could achieve more with less pressure, less stress, less energy? You search outside yourself, but you find within.

Suppose everything is possible the way you see it, life on your terms:

✨ You have time in the morning for a morning routine, you can really taste your coffee
✨ You have time to spend with your family
✨ You do work you like and ALSO have room to really do something for yourself
✨ You have NO injuries or other physical blockages
✨ You are not constantly stressed, you are in the moment and in control
✨ You have no mental blocks that keep you from doing the things you actually want to do

You are in control, have the overview and feel physically & mentally strong.

Free Your Life Retreat

This Retreat is not an escape, but a reminder to experience life consciously.

We do this with our unique method


    If you are more in touch with your body and know better where your limits are, you have more physical space to do what you want, more exercise options.


    When you have the mental freedom to live more in the moment and be more aware when you need rest. You have more control over your daily situations.


    With the free your life method you take back control of your own life. You are no longer guided by what happens around you, but YOU decide how you approach things.

At the end of this retreat you will have a deep connection with yourself, new inspiration , you will always move in a way that feels good and you will have mental freedom .

  • Do you recognize this?

    ✔️ Appointments with yourself are canceled first.

    ✔️The pain in your neck and shoulders seems to get worse every day, a constant companion reminding you how much stress you are actually carrying.

    ✔️You feel lived, always running after the facts, while deep inside you long for peace and space to breathe.

    ✔️You have been ignoring your body's signals for too long, the painful reminder of the injury that is increasingly influencing your daily activities.

    ✔️It seems like you're stuck in a continuous loop of obligations and tasks, never leaving enough time or space to really work on yourself.

    ✔️You want to get more out of life, reach the next level, but you feel held back by a lack of focus and direction.

    ✔️Every day seems like the previous one, an endless repetition of tasks and obligations, with no room for creativity and personal growth.

    Do you recognize 1 or more things? You're in the right spot!

Live the dream, don't just dream the life.

Imagine: a life without boundaries, where you are free to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Discover how our retreat can help you release physical and mental limitations so you can become the best version of yourself. Learn more about our unique Free Your Body, Free your Mind, Free your Life approach and get ready for a transformation!

It doesn't matter where you come from or what kind of situation you are experiencing now. We are all about creating your own path to happiness, regardless of the circumstances. We believe in the power of physical and mental freedom, because it is these essential elements that allow you to thrive and let go, no matter what comes your way.

A life without limitations, both physical and mental, opens the door to a world of possibilities. At our retreat we take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, supported by our expertise in movement, mindfulness, live music, yoga and entrepreneurship. We provide you with the tools and guidance you need to find your own way and become the best version of yourself.

What Retreat Participants Say - Jeanette

Eddie and Joy are two loving, talented and wonderful people who provide great meditations, yoga classes and workshops with warm dedication. Skilled and inviting, down to earth and full of gentleness, they guide you step by step. Not only in words, but also in sounds and music. Even if you have hardly any yoga experience, you will follow along effortlessly, carried by the flow of attention.

I have immersed myself in the Zen caravan for a week, my soul has been opened and filled, the love is flowing and my racing treadmill body is completely relaxed.

“The more you connect to the power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life.”

  • Yin Yoga with Sound Healing

    Yin Yoga is great for releasing built-up tension in your body. The combination with sound healing is magical.

  • Flow Yoga with Live music

    Learning to move in a way that feels good for you and is good for your body. The beautiful sounds of the handpan provide an experience you will never forget.

  • MYOFascial Release

    Learning to release tension through the massage techniques of 'rolling'. This way you can always find relaxation when you want.

  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is the common thread of this retreat. We will learn to enjoy everything we do and learn to take it with us into everyday life.

  • Cocoa experience

    By drinking ceremonial cocoa we return to a natural state of feeling, out of mind, and in connection with ourselves.

  • Delicious meals

    Nutrition and pleasure, provided with love to inspire you and nourish your body and head

  • Spare time

    You will have plenty of free time to read, explore, connect, play or just be in this beautiful place.

  • Ask Us Anything

    We are always nearby to help you with anything you get stuck or to provide practical support.

What we eat

For us, the food is as important to the retreat experience as the classes themselves. Every meal vegan & nutritious. Will fuel your body and support your soul. The food throughout the retreat is thoughtful, intentional and delicious. It's one of the important elements of self-care we include in the retreat to remind you to slow down and eat right, even when you're back home.

Join the Free Your Life Retreat

May 13 - 18, 2024

As you have come to expect from us, during this retreat we are close to nature and stay in beautifully furnished bell tents that are spread across the site among the palm trees. The bell tents are for 2 people and are separated in the middle, so you have some privacy.

This Retreat includes:

Accommodation for 6 days & 5 nights in a Private or shared luxury tent on Costa del Soul.

All meals and snacks · Yoga classes and workshops · personal attention and support · walk to the waterfall.

Prior to this retreat you will receive an online intake interview and a follow-up interview after the retreat.

The retreat at Costa Del Soul is an exclusive retreat with room for only 10 participants. We believe it is important to give you the personal attention you deserve.


Shared luxury tent, Early Bird €1190 (Sold out)

Shared luxury tent: €1250

Private luxury tent: €1350 (Sold out)

private luxury tent: €1450 (Only 1 available)

20% deposit to confirm your registration. (Payment in installments possible)

  • "Free Your Life" coaching, where we go on a journey together to create freedom in your head and body! 🌟

    In our online private coaching program we combine the power of mindfulness, yoga and mobility to help you overcome obstacles such as burnout complaints, injuries, and difficulties with focus and creativity.

    Whether you struggle with an overactive mind, experience physical limitations, or simply want more space and freedom in your life, we are here to guide you. Together we will work to cultivate inner peace, strengthen your body and unlock your full potential.

    Let us help you let go of the limitations and embrace the possibilities. Take the first step toward a life of freedom and fulfillment today! 🌿💫

Are you in doubt?

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Where We Come Together

Costa del Soul - Spain

At the foot of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park you will find Costa del Soul. The adventurous gateway to inner peace and self-discovery. A modest mountain, with breathtaking views, serves as the backdrop for our exclusive retreat.

Our lessons will take place in the beautiful Dome or in the Spanish outdoors. You can take a fantastic walk, read your book by the pool or just do nothing and stare into the distance at the beautiful landscape.

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    • Which airport is closest? - Malaga Airport is a 40 minute drive
    • How do I get from the airport to Costa del Soul? - Our pickup service will happily pick you up, so don't worry!
  • - I have almost no yoga experience, can I still participate? - Of course! Everyone can participate in this Retreat at their own level.

What Retreat Participants Say - Rachel

I went on a retreat this weekend with Zen Caravan with Joy and Eddie. It was a fantastic weekend. Joy and Eddie are two super nice, sweet, talented people who create a very nice relaxed and at the same time profound atmosphere. The whole weekend was very well organised. Camping Het Bos Calls is a beautiful nature campsite in the middle of nature. When I arrived, my tent was already ready for me and the relaxation could begin right away.

I enjoyed wonderful yoga, meditation and mindfulness accompanied by music and singing bowls, delicious food, fun conversations with my fellow 'retreaters', but certainly also the space to retreat or take a walk. It was a weekend but my battery is charged as if I had been away for a week.

This is highly recommended.

About us

We started the Zen Caravan with a mission: put yourself first, live stress-free and live more in the moment. But how do you actually do that?

With more than 10 years of experience, we offer you the solution. Feel calm while it's storming, feel the peace while everyone is rushing and become aware of what you need and learn to move in a way that feels good for YOU. A deeper connection with yourself allows you to live better in the moment.

This retreat integrates everything we have learned on our journey so far. With us you can be yourself, express yourself and together we explore how we can achieve a deeper connection with ourselves and others. It's cozy, it's warm, we laugh, we enjoy and we delve deeper.

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